Skin Type, Shades and Concerns

Skin Type: I have combination, dehydrated and acne prone skin.

Skin Concerns: I am prone to clogged pores on my cheeks and chin. I have large pores and PIH from acne in those areas that I am trying to clear and correct. I’m also in my 30s, so preventing wrinkles and reversing the smoker’s skin from my twenties is priority.

Skin Shade: Fitzpatrick Type V. Medium/tanned Southeast Asian skin toned. Olivey yellow undertones.

ACTIVES are my skin’s best friend – I have used retinoids, AHA’s, and vitamin c serums for a long time (not each everyday!). I know what works for me and what triggers I have. One of my biggest acne triggers is tocopherol and it is in A LOT of skincare.